Are you building your online business but you feel completely overwhelmed

by the tech and set-up side of it? 

Have you taken course after course or invested in masterminds and coaching only to learn great concepts but feel lost or left-to-be-desired with the HOW to actually implement it? 

^. ^ That was me. 

I believe if you can't find something: maybe you were called to create it. 

Here's how "What the Tech" came to be . . . 
 I had just dropped another $1k on another course / mentor

praying that they would be able to help.
I expected since she's a multi-millionaire. . . and the course was that expensive. . . 
she'd be teaching some of the "tech" side of things!

4 Weeks later. . . 
 I learned alot of good ideas and concepts. 
ZERO TECH THINGS. She told us to "look it up" or "google it"
or hire someone to do it


I wanted to cry. 

I just wanted somebody to help me!!!

It took me a couple years

- but I've figured out the tech stuff and it turns out I'm pretty good at it. 

I realized that with all of the high-ticket coaches and things out there who are teaching really awesome content . . . the tech is what is tripping most people up. 

That is where "What the Tech" comes in. 

✅ Tech Training by Topic
✅ Weekly LIVE Q&A "Ask Me Anything" 
✅ Access to our Course

✅ Support Community with 24 Hrs Response Time

✅ New Content Added Weekly

💻 Create Graphics
🎥 Set-Up Your Youtube Channel
📲 Optimize Your Instagram & Facebook
🌪 Creating a Funnel
📧 Email List

⚙️ Automations
💭 Facebook Messenger Marketing

🧲 Creating an Automated Biz Attraction System
💰 Facebook Ads

PLUS You're going to get my 
- (usually reserved for my private, 1:1 clients that pay $10K+)

I don't even know how much you'd have to spend to get all of that
^ ^ ^ separately. 
I literally spent over $15,000 on courses in the span of 2 years.

I wanted to make this information ACCESSIBLE and AFFORDABLE
while also providing massive value. 

SO you can get access to it inside of a MEMBERSHIP. 
It's $97 per month 
(or you can UPGRADE and get it for $597 for the whole YEAR!!!)

. . . which includes access to WEEKLY LIVE COACHING to help you succeed!

There is a FREE 14 DAY TRIAL so you can test it out and see if this is something that would be able to benefit you. 

Questions? don't hesitate to ask:



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