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Jennifer Asen

World-Renown Hair Expert,
Entrepreneur, & Course Creator
1:1 client

"Wow. I already feel so much from just this first session. I feel an energy! I feel all of these ideas! I feel like I have a clear path now. I have taken courses and worked with other coaches before Grace L----
and Jenn S------- . . . 
great coaches, 
but this has been a whole different experience. You have a gift! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!"

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Francine Rivera

Business + Lifestyle Coach & Entrepreneur 
1:1 client

"If you're thinking about working with Sara Michaels, run! 
Don't walk
. Seriously. 

She knows her stuff. I worked with her 1:1 and we got right down to business" 

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Brittanie Nicole

Influencer, Podcaster,

1:1 client

"Working with Sara is pure gold. Everything made so much more sense. I've been scaling my business and growing as a person, and having this coaching with Sara set off a lightbulb in my head. If you have your own business and you're looking to grow, hit up Sara. 
She is sooo brilliant and the amount of value that she brought into our first hour was worth thousands" 

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Image by Kat Nelson
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Dr. Lauren Moffat

Holistic Health Practitioner,
Entrepreneur, & Coach
1:1 client and Inner Circle Member

"Sara has helped us Enhance, Expand, & Accelerate your Business Building Efforts. 
She eliminated all of the confusion and created a clear path to success."

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Nicole Kristan

Hypno-Success Coach,
Course Creator, & Entrepreneur
1:1 client and Inner Circle Member

"Sara is a freaking rockstar of a coach and I would not be where I am today without her guidance and support. I was hesitant after having invested 5-figures into a previous coach that ended up being a terrible experience but this has been an entirely different experience and I have gained so much more"