YouTube Channel Art Tutorial & FREE Template!

Updated: Jan 18

If you're finding this tutorial . . . chances are you've probably taken your first couple of shots at creating channel art and you're wondering why the heck your YouTube Channel header doesn't look like your favorite YouTube star or why it doesn't fit or looks all wonky when you upload it.


Cheers 😂 🥂 I recorded a video and have included instructions below in this blog post. PS - at the end of this post if you don't want to "eye-ball" it anymore; I've created a Canva template that you can grab the link to & download for free. 💋

It will save you a ton of time and no - no email required...

You're welcome. Enjoy!


So the reason your channel art is giving you grief is because YouTube Channel art has to fit a bunch of different screen sizes (TV, desktop, tablet, and mobile).

The secret is to use the standard size of 2560 x 1440 (the large one big enough to fit the TV) which is the standard size of the YouTube Channel Art Template inside of Canva but keep the "main part" of your text & logo inside a rectangle in the middle of the square that is only 1546 x 423.

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There Are (3) Ways You Can Do This:

1.) START by creating a custom dimension of art that is 1546 x 423 and then putting it on top of the YouTube channel art templates on Canva. . . 2.) Select a template from Canva and just keep the design in the middle. a technique I call "eye-balling" it 😉 That also happens to be the same method I use when I cook. ha. ha. ha. 3.) Download & use my template (below)

So as you can see above here ^ ^ that is one of the headers I had. By creating an image that fits the whole area but keeping the majority of my text inside the middle part - it works on all screens. If you absolutely don't trust people online (can't blame you 😂 )and you'd rather figure it out yourself feel free to go with options 1 or 2.

But if you don't want to spend any more time pulling out your hair or silently swearing at your computer screen . . . I invite you to download & use my Canva Template for Free.

get my bonus template on Canva (free).

Yes. Free. No email required. click here & you can use the Canva Template I made. xo. 😘

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