Sandi's Story with Cannabis

I want to introduce you to someone that I am very grateful to have in my life. Not only has she been instrumental as a business mentor & helping me to grow my business online so I can enjoy the success + lifestyle I have today . . . but I have learned so much and shifted my entire perspective on cannabis + cbd because of her story & passion for what she learned. In addition, a couple years ago, I also had the incredible opportunity to partner with her and join her team in a cannabis company - and what an AMAZING opportunity that was to learn from her and be in close proximity to her wisdom & perspective 😭 💕 . . . and I hope to share some of that with you. SHE TAUGHT ME . . . and showed me how to educate myself . . . on the topics I'm sharing with you today . . . so many of you have reached out and asked how I've learned so much about cannabis: 1.) SANDI'S GUIDANCE 2.) ALOT OF SELF RESEARCH (I've got to be at at LEAST 1000 hours at this point!) This will be especially beneficial if you have thought of cannabis and immediately conjured a mental image of Cheech & Chong, The Dude, or somebody eating Cheetos and toking in a basement. (🙋🏼‍♀️ I know that's exactly what I used to think!)


There are amazing - incredible healing powers of hemp . . . to be used in a therapeutic, responsible way and I hope to be part of the movement that creates a NEW image of cannabis. 🌿

i am so grateful for Sandi's willingness because it opened me up to have my own healing experience with hemp & cannabis. (If you don't know what that is: I went from having several of my own body systems shutting down, multliple doctors and diagnoses: to now, years later being symptom & medication FREE!) Meet: Sandi Krakowski (

- Featured in Forbes as a Top 20 Social Media Influencer - Over 1 million followers on facebook - Previously diagnosed with over 12 different autoimmune conditions. - multi, multi-millionaire who's built over (17) 7+ figure companies. - Was told she only had a couple years to live

- used cbd, cannabis, & THC to wean off of opiates, steroids, & heal her body

. . . and she came out to say that cannabis was a huge part of her healing journey and she now believes its part of her missions to share this beautiful plant and educate others on what she's learned! She said in the future she even plans to open a cannabis-type cafe and serve cannabis drinks etc! (love!)

Sandi is a wealth of knowledge and she knows her sh*t.