Postpartum Hair Loss

With all 3 of my other pregnancies and during my postpartum experience . . . I lost gobs and gobs of hair. I would be running my finger through my hair after shampooing and I would take my hands out and look down and it was honestly scary because at some points, I thought I might literally go bald. But I just thought . . . that's normal, right? We hear it all the time, it's just the hormones, and we accept it đŸ€·â€â™€ïž Until this pregnancy / postpartum. Over the last few years I had really put myself around women who viewed pregnancy & postpartum experiences in a completely different way. They took care of themselves nutritionally. They all had great experiences. and . . . they didn't lose their hair!!!. Now: these are women that I personally know, trust, and respect. They were all taking high quality nutrition supplements, consciously de-stressing, and taking care of themselves. Turns out, the more I looked into it I learned a couple of things. WHAT'S AT THE ROOT OF POSTPARTUM HAIR LOSS While there is definitely a hormonal component as our bodies shift, the other factors that they found in studies were 1.) NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES of trace minerals like magnesium, zinc, & copper 2.) HIGH CORTISOL LEVELS also makes sense During pregnancy I got on a high-quality nutrition supplement to cover my basics and I also started implementing a couple other things that focused on delivering trace minerals to my body. My chiropractor / naturopath had suggested oxygen drops to me (for various reasons) I also added in: fulvic acid and I regularly take cbd (which can help support the endocannabinoid system which in turn, balances & supports healthy hormone function.) Most products marketed to postpartum hair loss are more "gimmicky" and hype than actual health and they don't address the root cause đŸŒ± of what causes the hair to fall out in the first place (hormonal shifts & imbalance, excess stress, nutritional deficiencies) MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION - Find a GOOD quality supplement that delivers trace minerals (local health stores should have them!) - a cbd product (I take this daily - but this will support your endocannabinoid system + hormones and also improve cortisol because #NewbornLifeIsStressful If you're curious about the brand / ones that I use, I'll link them below. FULVIC / HUMIC ACID TINCTURE This has anti-inflammatory properties, trace minerals, and is linked to hair regrowth and known to aid in androgenetic alopecia (a strong form of hair loss). This is something I incorporated daily into my routine anyways because it has a lot of beneficial properties (including being an antiviral and helping with my iron deficiency) OXYGEN DROPS I had previously been getting these from a local health store and some from Amazon, but the company I order my CBD through came out with one that also includes 131 micronutrients & trace minerals, so instead of taking 2 separate products - I just ordered these. I put 8 drops in water 1x / day. I don't drink caffeine / coffee - and I really love how these make me feel! 🩄 Please note: the links below are my affiliate referral links. đŸ„° 1.) "GTFO" (Fulvic + Humic Acid Tincture) click here to shop 2.) Oxygen "Unicorn" Drops + Trace Minerals click here to shop note: these are also the drops that people are saying help with taste 👅 & 👃

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