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In this post I'm going to share with you a little bit about my juicing journey as well as my favorite tips and resources. If you've followed my journey at all; you've seen that I've naturally healed through various diagnoses through the years (adrenal / autoimmune / thyroid / kidney) through nutritional and lifestyle changes without medication. One of the "tools" that I use for my health: JUICING. Now . . . get this: when I first started juicing I was doing it ALL WRONG because I had no clue 😂 I was a complete health idiot 10 years ago! That just goes to show you - just getting started somewhere and committing to learning and continuing the process is the most important part! My first "juice cleanse" was me drinking REGULAR OL' JUICE from the supermarket (yes, the sugared up brands of "juice" - aka glorified koolaid!) and V-8 juice.

Y'all - I didn't know better! I thought: juice was juice! *🤦‍♀️ I know. I knowwwww.

Hey: when you know better, you do better. Right? Then I watched the documentary "Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead" which got me interested in actual juicing and learning about the difference between FRESH juice and conventional juice. I took some juice courses, learned from some experts, and even got certified in juice therapy. (just for the knowledge!) I incorporate juicing into my daily routine now and enjoy juicing for health benefits.


You can also view the playlist here: RECOMMENDED RESOURCES FOR JUICING: - Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead (you can watch here for free on Youtube: ) - Drew Canole (here is his playlist on juicing: and you can find more info on his channel) - Kimberly Snyder (Beauty Detox) her youtube here: - Norman Walker - juicing tips - Gerson Therapy / juicing

- Thyroid Healing (Medical Medium)

To make it easier to find the books I use in my own personal regimen, I've added them to my Amazon storefront under the list: Juicing for Health

When I first got started . . . I had to use a recipe book for each juice. I also found that I didn't particularly love the taste of most juices. . . I found them pungent and bitter, especially vegetable juices. This does get better and they do taste better. Especially as your tastebuds change and adapt to them and you cut out some of the taste-bud stimulating foods or additives that you are used to (sugars, flavor enhancers). When you're first getting started it's totally up to you (and your doctor!) how long you want to try a juice for. You can simply add 1 juice per day to your routine OR you could try a juice fast / reboot. If you're looking for a simple, affordable juice to add to your daily regimen you could start with celery juice or cucumber juice; and juicing enough for your desired amount. (Less if you're getting started) On average I usually drink 10-15 ounces of juice per serving / juice. THE TYPE OF JUICE YOU HAVE MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Depending on your budget; there are some reeeeally good coldpress juicers and they are THE BEST. BUT if you're looking for THE BEST beginner juicer on a BUDGET that still yields a high amount of juice: I absolutely recommend the Breville Juice Fountain which you can find on my "Juicing for Health" List on my Amazon Storefront in a couple options & price points (all are great!): shop here 👉 FOLLOW MY "JUICING FOR HEALTH" BOARD ON PINTEREST FOR ALL OF MY FAVORITE JUICE RECIPES:

Here are some of my TOP 3 JUICE STAPLE RECIPES

CELERY JUICE: - 1/2 bunch to 1 bunch celery (organic preferred, washed) . . . to receive the best benefits, drink this by itself (no other additional produce) in the morning or on an empty stomach outside of any other food or drink by at least 30 minutes CUCUMBER JUICE - 1 to 2 large cucumbers (no need to peel, organic preferred) THYROID HEALING JUICE (from the book "Thyroid Healing") if you'd like to read original post and all the benefits of this juice please click here to read: - 1 bunch of celery - 2 apples - 1 bunch of cilantro - 2 to 4 inches of fresh ginger . . . my adjustments: I typically only use 1/2 a bunch of celery. You can also substitute cucumbers for the celery or parsley for the cilantro often I'll just "throw together" a juice recipe . . . a couple beets here, an apple there. Usually if I'm adding something "earthy" or super "vegetable-y" . . . I'll balance the taste out with an apple or lemon. As you get more used to drinking juices, you may find that straight vegetable or beet juices don't bother you anymore! GINGER is great to use in your juices as it is a potent antiviral. IMMUNITY ANTIVIRAL JUICE recipe here: Essentially: you can whip up fresh juices at any time even without a recipe once you get the "feel" for it. I enjoy keeping lemons, apples, beets, oranges, cilantro, parsley, and ginger on hand as well as cucumbers for the ability to create fresh juice concoctions! When you're juicing things like spinach, cilantro, or parsley - keep in mind it takes A LOT of these items to get even a tiny little amount of juice. . . so you'll usually want to add something to these types of juices that has a more "juicy" base (I'm laughing because I don't know how else to describe it!) For example: I'll often pair spinach with something like lemon or apple or celery or carrots because I know that those produce items will yield more juice than trying to get 10 ounces of spinach juice. In conclusion: there are A LOT of great juicing recipes out there. You can follow them or follow a plan . . . but at the end of the day you'll want to figure out WHY you're juicing, WHAT your budget is, and WHAT your juicing goal is. For example: - If I know that my goal is HEALTH or if I have a smaller budget . . . I would choose to juice more items like celery, cucumbers, carrots, lemons, or apples as I know they're more easily accessible. . . . and just: HAVE FUN WITH IT! Whether you juice once a day or whether you decide to do a total reboot - it's entirely up to you what and how you want to do it. If a recipe book helps you get comfortable with how to make new or iteresting juice ideas; by all means use one! (you can also easily search for juice recipes online!) . . . but once you get used to it, chances are you'll be able to whip up fresh juices off the top of your head in no time 😉 Your juices don't HAVE to be super fancy, either or contain rare and exotic ingredients. That's amazing and all - but you absolutely CAN juice on a basic budget and still reap the incredible health benefits. I should note, these are items that you CANNOT JUICE: - potatoes - bananas - avocados I hope you found this at least a little helpful! MY FAVORITE FRESH PRODUCE I LOVE TO JUICE: - Kale - Spinach - Cucumbers - Celery - Lemons - Oranges - Apples - Ginger - Turmeric - Beets - Carrots - Cilantro - Parsley - Peppers - Tomatoes - FOODS TO CUT BACK ON : - Processed Foods - Sugar CONSIDER ELIMINATING FOR A TIME: - Gluten - Corn - Soy - Dairy - Sugar IF YOU'RE GOING TO JUICE FOR A "REBOOT" 1.) talk with your doctor 2.) consider doing it for a SHORT PERIOD OF TIME first (24-72 hours) Good resources for a juice reboot: Joe Cross Juice Reboot here: HERE'S WHAT I USUALLY PURCHASE FOR JUICES FOR 1 WEEK: (this is NOT what I'm eating; only juicing!)


1 bag of apples

1 bag of lemons

4 bags of spinach

2-4 large cucumbers

2 roots of ginger

2-4 beets

5 bunches of celery

4 bunches of cilantro

2 bunches of parsley

. . .and then if I'm making any special juices I'll include those produce items as well





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