My First Podcast interview ever! Kingdom Mom Podcast & My Rock Bottom Story I Never Told Before

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Lindsay Anderson of Kingdom Mom Podcast and I shared my "Rock Bottom" to Life by Design Story that I have never . . . and I mean never shared with anyone else before in such a way. When you listen to the episode you'll hear my story that up until previously only a 1 or 2 of my very best friends heard and my husband and maybe my mom. So . . . after you listen to Episode 1 . . . you're pretty much in my inner circle ⭕️ 😭 Thanks for letting me share this with you as I was incredibly nervous and had all of the emotions . . . and then even after the interview was recorded I totally second guessed everything and was like "Omg maybe it was horrible and I should see if we can re-record or maybe just delete it!" 😂 🤦‍♀️ Below I'm going to share the links as well as a little "back story" & behind-the-scenes into how this all came about!


EPISODE 2: Design Your Life Step by Step


I have to say that this was totally a full circle moment for me. Lindsay Anderson (the hostess of the Kingdom Mom Podcast) and I had been connected online for years now. We had similar friends and friends of friends . . . and one day I don't even know how; but we just became friends 😂 💕 I remember distinctly in 2019 when I saw she was launching the Kingdom Mom podcast and just doing the thing that it inspired the heck out of me!

I absolutely love Lindsay's wisdom, her heart, her ambition, and her GO GET IT-ness. She's always someone who's posts I GENUINELY look forward to in my social media feed. Which is why I honestly recommend you follow her here Ok - so here Lindsay is doing her thing, launching Kingdom Mom & her brand . . . and as a website designer there are certain individuals and brands that I put on my "wish list" 😂 yes it's real. and Yes I have an actual list. . . . On the list are people + brands that I would DREAM to create for because my heart gets absolutely lit up when I get to create gorgeous, online spaces for creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs who's passion is tied to their product or purpose. Guess what: I put Lindsay and Kingdom Mom as dream clients on my wish list! ✨ So IMAGINE MY UTTER EXCITEMENT when Lindsay first reached out to me to inquire about designing a new website for her podcast and Kingdom Mom Membership site.

Eeek! Yes, please!

^ ^ ^ the new website I got to create for Kingdom Mom

I see how brands could be. I see their highest potential.

I find absolute joy in creating. . . . and I love connecting and representing that visually through their branding + website design and it was such an honor to be part of the Kingdom Mom website project. It truly was a dream design job and I loved every second of it! While I was designing the new Kingdom Mom site I also got started listening to the Kingdom Mom Podcast and man . . . it. is. 🔥 FIRE.


But can I be 100% real for a second? . . . you know I have to. Because it's me. When I first heard the name "Kingdom Mom" . . . I (wrongfully) assumed it would be a "churchy-church" podcast.

and while I LOVE me some Jesus . . . . I just . . . I can't do vanilla Christianity. #sorrynotsorry . . . but when I started to actually LISTEN to the podcast I was BLOWN AWAY. There is a truth and realness and rawness about it that made it so RELATABLE . . . especially as a mom. . .


^ ^ ^ how I felt listening to my first few episodes of Kingdom Mom 😂 💕

Topics and truths that people just don't talk about or they tread around it. . . The Kingdom Mom Podcast was NOT AT ALL what I assumed it was. It's a podcast that's powerful with stories of GROWTH, encouragement, and TRUTH & when you look at all of the 5 star raving reviews & then you listen - you understand exactly why. This podcast is making an impact and I have no doubt it's going to be a Top 10 Podcast in it's category. Lindsay interviews these absolutely INCREDIBLE women with amazing stories and experiences.

Some of my favorite episodes were: Xtina Harmsworth (the babe & business + beauty mogul behind XMH Beauty) and especially compelling was hearing one woman's journey OUT of the Amish community (Sovilla Coblentz).

Then imagine my shock 😳 a couple months later when Lindsay asked if I would be interested in being ON the podcast. Um. . . what?! Me?! Seriously?!


But here's the crazy thing . . . I had just set the intention to get out there and start sharing my story MORE. I was having this conversation with God like, "Ok. I think I should probably get more intentional about being SEEN and KNOWN and SHARING my story." It blew my mind that the intention was set and then the opportunity presented itself. I was not expecting it to be that fast. 😂 So even though I was nervous and the idea of doing an interview was a little unsettling and uncomfortable as I'd never done one - I said yes.


It's so easy to hear that someone was interviewed on a podcast and assume that they're in some fancy schmancy office or something . . . . but I really want to share the reality of what occured with all of you 😂 a proper BEHIND THE SCENES into it. . . . so case you have this glamorous vision in your head that I was in my beautiful beach house in my office with all of this fancy equipment sipping a latte while being interviewed. nahhhhh 😂 It wasn't glamorous. In fact I was really tempted to cancel! I'd had a health crash and had been in the hospital just days before. . . I was in pretty rough shape. . . . we are STILL in a hotel. (yeah. the house fell through and that's a different story for a different day 😂 ) . . . my MACBOOK CRASHED! Yep. Kaput. Done-zo. Bye-bye. 😭 😭

AGHHH!!! I wanted to cry and possible cancel. . . . but then I remembered: this wasn't FOR ME. I was doing this to share for all of the people who needed to hear what I had to say. You just have to do the best with what you've got! So even though it wasn't ideal or this 'perfect' idea that I had in my head for how my first podcast interview would go . . . I got out of my own way, let go of my expectations, and did it anyways!

^ ^ ^ that's the view inside our TINY hotel room!

Here's how it went . . . I'm sitting on the floor of the workout room OF THE HOTEL, barricaded behind the door, with my iPad propped up on a makeshift table made from my 🧺 laundry basket. Omg . . . I wish you could've seen it 😂

My butt literally went NUMB while we were recording the episode! . . . but you know what? I did the podcast even though it wasn't ideal, I was uncomfortable, and I had NO IDEA what I was going to do / say.

Moral of the story: just do the thing. do it messy. do it uncomfortable. just DO IT. So THANK YOU to Lindsay for hosting the podcast and inviting me. Now . . . I'm going to share with you HOW to listen to the podcast episodes (there are 3!) LISTEN TO MY PODCAST EPISODES ON KINGDOM MOM: EPISODE 1: Rock Bottom to Life by Design

EPISODE 2: Design Your Life Step by Step

and I'm going to ask that you LEAVE A REVIEW ⭐️ if you love it! (that really helps! click here to leave a review) If you want to connect to Lindsay & Kingdom Mom here are all of the links! - . . . Lindsay also hosts a FREE Challenge AND she has a monthly coaching community where she goes more in depth and offers additional support!





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