My CBD Journey, What Brand I Use Now, (And Why!)

Updated: Mar 2

Hey friends! Thanks for stopping by today. ✌️ I'm excited to share with you in this post the brand of CBD oil I use (and why!) and how I came to this decision after nearly 4 years of research, testing different brands, and learning extensively about CBD and the process by which it's created and extracted. I've also learned that 85 to 90% of the "CBD" oils out there are pure garbage masquerading as therapeutic grade CBD oil and you have to be able to educate yourself to spot the difference. 🔎 But first . . . to really understand what got me here I'm going to have to give a quick backstory with my CBD journey.

WATCH MY CBD STORY (I did a Facebook Live)


My journey with CBD started in 2016. After my divorce, becoming a single mom of 3 (while running a business) I was undergoing a massive amount of stress and my health took a crash.

I had been going to the doctor for a long time trying to figure out what was going on with my health . . . but received no official diagnosis. All they knew was my hormones and cortisol were out of whack. . . my thyroid and my adrenals weren't balanced . . . and I would frequently experience some severe physical symptoms and reactions.

That summer when I was out visiting a friend in Colorado, something triggered a flare-up.

My friend and I were at Bonefish Grill, with a sunset view of the gorgeous mountains, and all of a sudden my heart was racing and I could barely stand. It was hard to catch my breath and I was internally flipping out feelng like I was going to faint. I popped one of my pills that the doctors had given me months ago to help manage my "symptoms" and . . . it did nothing. After a couple hours, my friend was taking me to the local emergency department where I spoke with the doctor on call and realized it was going to be a 3.5 hour wait for a handful of extra-strong "last-resort" pills I wasn't too keen on taking that came with a list of side-effects and warnings. The doctor on call suggested to my friend that we go to a local dispensary (marijuana 🍃was legalized in Colorado at that time) to help relieve my acute symptoms . . . He said, "Well here are your options. . . you can wait here for a few hours in the waiting room for a prescription for some synthetic, man-made pills or you can go try this, which is completely natural with no side effects. It's up to you." . . . and then he also mentioned CBD for ongoing support.


Now . . . UP UNTIL THAT POINT . . . I had been COMPLETELY against marijuana, cannabis, CBD because I just thought it was the "devil's lettuce" and now the doctor was suggesting

I use it?!? 😱 AGHHH!!! I thought I was about to become a stoner. 😂 I had NO IDEA about cannabis or CBD . . . and that was where it all started. Back in 2016, after I got home from Colorado, I remember googling "where to purchase CBD" and there was only ONE PLACE within an hour. CBD was just hitting our local health food store and it was a buzz. . . "Is this legal here?" "Omg they have CBD!" 😮 I thought CBD would get me high or something and I was so nervous to take it. . . so I went to the health food store and waited until NOBODY ELSE WAS AT THE COUNTER before I asked about CBD. I felt like CBD was my dirty little secret 😂

The first time I took CBD - in my car in the parking lot where NOBODY ELSE WAS AROUND

- within 10 minutes - I could feel the difference in my body. It was as if somebody had coated my insides in a warm, cozy blanket. The over-stimulation and buzzing jitteriness and zaps I felt on a regular basis was gone for the first time in a loooong time. My symptoms started to alleviate. I started to feel like myself again . . . more balanced . . . calm . . .

I started taking it daily and found I no longer needed anything else.

I am now 100% medication

and pharmaceutical pill free 🙏

Through the years I started to educate myself about this magical little liquid stuff I was taking almost daily that had transformed myself and my health. Why was some CBD being sold for $10 and some CBD for over $100 for a tiny bottle? What was the difference in extraction? Why did it matter WHERE it was sourced from?

What makes a good brand of CBD oil?

I realized that it was important to learn how the hemp for the CBD was being sourced and grown (and where it was being grown!) I learned that hemp farms here in the USA are some of the best in the world. I learned that because CBD and hemp started to become a booming industry that some of the "CBD" companies out there simply got into the business because they wanted to cash in on a piece of the pie and in doing so are putting out "CBD" oils with zero therapeutic benefits and cutting corners on quality.

The BEST CBD out there is CBD that is: + Organic and NON-GMO + Third Party Tested + Has whole hemp extract + Contains .3% THC and is full spectrum so you get the "entourage effect" + is in the LIQUID form (you can smell a high quality CBD when you open the bottle) + is tested for contaminants, heavy metals, fungi, bacteria, mold, and toxins

+ is free from pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide use + has a certificate of authenticity + readily displays 3rd party test results for their product (#transparency) + is extracted via the CO2 method Don't know what the CO2 Method is or Why It Matters? Here's an exerpt that I feel sums it up the best! (from the article "Your Concise Guide to CO2 Extraction; What it Is and Why You Need It" "One of the most important considerations one must make when searching for a cannabis brand is the method of extraction it uses.

Companies of a dubious reputation potentially cut corners and utilize chemical solvents such as lighter fluid (butane) and hexane. Aside from cheating customers out of valuable terpenes, chemical solvent extraction results in a product with possibly harmful residues. Do you feel comfortable ingesting yet more chemicals?

If the answer is “no,” you need to purchase CBD and THC from brands that use CO2 extraction only! This process kills harmful bacteria and ensures more terpenes and cannabinoids end up in the CBD product."

Don't buy a "CBD oil" just because it's cheap. Those oils you see at the gas station next to the checkout?! 💀 ⚠️ RUN. When you ingest that crap you're ending up doing more harm than good. I became passionate about finding brands that aligned with what I was looking for in a CBD oil. I visited small and local CBD shops who grew their own. I spent probably a couple thousand $ on trying at least 30 different CBD brands. The average price was $75 to $150 for my CBD oil. . . . which I was more than happy to pay because of the huge difference it made for my body and health. But I also wanted to find a brand that didn't break the bank. . .


For about 2 months I had seen one of my personal mentors talk about a brand of CBD she was using (and recommending). Because I'm an enormous skeptic and critic of all things . . . I just kind of dismissed it for a bit because I assumed that since it wasn't at my local health store or wasn't from a small, organic CBD company that it somehow wasn't as good. *insert: eye roll* 🙄 Here we were in Florida, and I was on my way to the local CBD store to pick up my $150 bottle of CBD, and I got another email from my mentor talking about this brand of CBD and how she had met with the owners of the company.

Ever have one of those moments when the stars align and it's beyond coincidence? Like a true: right place / right time / moment? Like the heavens open up and put something into your lap that can change your future? I'm not exaggerating - this was one of those few moments in my life. The timing was everything. I opened the email. I got goosebumps. I should have known better to trust the judgment of my mentor.

She is a multi-millionaire who is extremely health conscious as she also believes in natural healing methods and is a cannabis / CBD advocate and has even reversed her diagnosis after being diagnosed with over 12 autoimmune conditions, taking steroids, opiates, and prednisone daily, and told that she wouldn't live long and there was no treatment.

this is my mentor, Sandi and some photos of her journey she shared on facebook. Anyways - I watched for the past two years as she kicked the diagnosis and transformed her health through her lifestyle, nutrition, and supplements (one of them being CBD). Not only that - but the woman is insanely savvy in business and she has a reputation at stake. She has built over seventeen 7+ figure companies, was listed by Forbes as one of the top 20 Social Influencers, and has over 1.5 MILLION followers on facebook.

. . . this woman would not just go around throwing her reputation and recommendation around lightly.

I knew she had looked into several CBD companies (there are ALOT of them out there from people trying to cash in on this multi-billion dollar industry.) But after all of that time and research something made her choose this one. And I was curious why.

So . . . finally . . . after nearly 2 months of her talking about it I finally took a look myself.

My biggest regret is not getting over myself and being open to looking into this brand sooner

I immediately started researching, going through the documentation. Then I watched the founder of the company's story and I cried because it hit home. It resonated with me SO MUCH.

Jenna (the founder) had been struggling with some mystery physical symptoms that the doctor's couldn't figure out and she had changed her diet but was diagnosed with something autoimmune and told she would just have to live with it (just like I was told 👋 ) They started to change their lifestyle and nutrition and made small changes that helped (paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free - just like me 👋 ) . . . but something was still missing. She heard about CBD oil and the benefits and so her husband, Josh, decided to go out and find the most pure form of CBD he could get his hands on in hopes it would help Jenna.

He quickly learned this was a much more difficult task than he imagined as the market was flooded with all sorts of "CBD" oil. Finally he found an organic hemp farmer in Kentucky with a high-quality, pure CBD oil.

He brought it home and after being sick for so long; within an hour . . . she was up walking around.

Within a week she was getting back to normal. That was it. Jenna's passion for CBD was ignited and they found a way to partner with the farmer in Kentucky and founded their own CBD oil brand to bring it's powers to the world in a form that was pure, potent, and affordable. She is now 100% medication free as well.

The brand and CBD company that Josh & Jenna founded? HempWorx .

Maybe you've heard of it before, maybe not. All I can say is the biggest mistake I ever made was to almost dismiss the entire brand before I even educated myself on them and learned the scope of their vision + mission.

I've had the chance to truly do my research into the company and their standards for their oil as well as their vision + mission and I have been continually impressed on all fronts.

One of the bets parts was that the hemp and CBD extract is CO2 extracted (the highest purity CBD oil!) from an organic hemp farmer right here in Kentucky! I was so excited to get my hands on it and try it for myself. So I went in the CBD store and purchased their oil for $150 and then ordered my bottle of HempWorx CBD oil for $69 and anxiously awaited the 5-7 days for it to come in the mail 😂 I was hopeful and in this case: my expectations were exceeded. The first time I tried this CBD oil . . .I could feel it within 10 minutes. It is BY FAR one of the best CBD oils I have tried. Not only that; but it is LAB TESTED AND CERTIFIED with the testing results available right on their website for all to see and find. (SO important!)

you can check your lot number and see the certification righ ton the hempworx website I have been so thrilled to be able to share this with my friends and family who were searching for a high-quality CBD oil that doesn't break the bank. I have been SHOUTING IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS. I want everyone to experience it like I did.


because they are so confident in the quality of their product.

HEMPWORX OIL IS: + Organic and Non-GMO + 3rd Party Tested for CONTAMINANTS + CO2 Extracted (for a SOLVENT-FREE, highest purity and potency oil) + Available in Full Spectrum (for the entourage effect) + Available in CBD Isolate (for those that want ZERO THC) + 3 flavors and 3 strengths (peppermint, cinnamon, natural \\ 500mg, 750mg, 1500mg)


Holistic wellness and helping others achieve vibrant health is a passion . . . (in the future I want to open a health and wellness center and a local "Health Hut")

. . . but, in the meantime, I have decided to partner with HempWorx. To order HempWorx CBD you can use my link here or bookmark:


I also recommend you join my CBD support community + Giveaway Group! Anyone who uses my link to order receives entries! request to join here (it's called "The High Life Experience") Also the perfect place to access all of our CBD FAQ's, testimonials, and ask me any questions you may have 💕

Want my BEST TIPS for HOW to Order Hempworx CBD or HOW to Have Your Order Count as Dollar-For-Dollar Travel Cash?


BUT if you're a cut-to-the-chase / no small-talk and no B/S person and you just simply want my link to order . . . 😂 I got you 😉 💋 here is my personal link: (please feel free to bookmark on your browser) You can also find MUCH more information on HempWorx, their products, and their process right there on the site. I, personally, love the 1500mg Peppermint Oil but it sells out quick. We also get the 750mg natural (my husband loves that one) If you're just getting started with CBD you may want to try a 500mg in whichever flavor you prefer. (Natural, Peppermint, or Cinnamon)


I'd be happy to answer any of your CBD questions!

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