My Best Tips for Ordering CBD from Hempworx & HOW to Earn Travel Cash from Your CBD Oil Order! #CBD

Hey friends!

In this video above ^ ^ I wanted to share with you what my best tips are from ordering CBD Oil through Hempworx and how to have your order count towards travel cash!


You can order individually or if you want to save the BEST DEALS I recommend: + the Director Pack ($199 - pick 4 products) + the Executive Pack ($599 - pick 12 products - for the person who wants #AllTheThings) You can place a one-time retail order, become a preferred customer (where you can refer 3 and yours is free!) or if you want the ability to refer and EARN you can become an AFFILIATE and JOIN OUR TEAM! (there is only a one time $20 affiliate activation fee that will be placed at the end of your order!) If you have any QUESTIONS . . . please feel free to ask inside the Highlife Experience Group 🔥 listed above or reach out to me on social media! INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK:



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