How to Use Your SM Affiliate Links, Set Up Your Account, & Get Paid!

Updated: Apr 5

First of all, I want to give you a big, glittery, razzle dazzle welcome to the SM affiliate family.

Not everybody jives with our vibe and we think you have just the right beat ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ’‹ CHEERS!

A #TeamSaraMichaels has set your affiliate commissions for the courses that you applied to promote at a rate of either 25% or 50%. In order to unlock the highest commission tier (50%) you must be a member of the course you are seeking to promote

(or are a personal or private client of Sara Michaels or her agency, The Loft 30A)

What the Tech has a monthly membership and an annual membership (You can save quite a bit of money by upgrading your membership to an annual rate!) Style It Yourself is a one-time purchase

(i.e. once you purchase the course you get access to the 50% commission rate for life)

- be sure to keep an eye out for promotion and sales periods!


10 WTT MEMBERS @ 50% = $485/M (or $5820/yr)

50 WTT MEMBERS @ 50% = $2425/M (or $29100/yr)

10 SIY REFERRALS @50% = $4985

25 SIY REFERRALS @50% = $12462.50

We wanted to create a powerful opportunity that has serious passive income potential for those who desire to pursue it. The possibilities are endless as there is no earning cap. *Earnings disclaimer: we can guarantee no income or level of success.These are projected figures based on potential. Each affiliate's independent earnings will be dependent on their own background, skills, ability, and level of application of the affiliate opportunity.


The SM Affiliate Program is done through Teachable (where our content & courses are hosted). That means that all of the payouts, account set-up, and affiliate management is set-up through them and they take care of everything on that end. You have an affiliate dashboard inside of Teachable where you are able to manage your account and payouts (please ensure you've entered and set-up your payment information so you can actually get paid!) Login at this link:

Click on the "admin" tab Once inside you will see your account - click on "affiliate dashboard" To view the article put together by Teachable please click here: NOTE: YOU CAN GENERATE LINKS TO A SPECIFIC COURSE! If you want to BOOST your sales and conversions; grab the separate links to each course! We recommend saving them inside of a google drive doc / spreadsheet, or putting them in a "note" on your phone. You can use each of these specific links if you're putting affiliate banners or products in your store or an a page on your site, etc OR sending a referral link to someone on social media.

There are trial versions of both courses (WTT and SIY) that users will be able to access after they enroll.





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