Late Fee Policy

We appreciate your business and  on-time payment (& hope it never comes to this!) but our attorney says we have to cover the legal ish. So here goes - 

For any coaching plan or project, you (client) has 14 business days to satisfy the invoice for services rendered.  For any invoice left unpaid beyond that period,

there is an inconvenience fee of $250 per week.  *$35.75 per day

Done-For-You Services or Agency Clients & Projects are also subject to the project abandonment clause in your contract.   

If after 60 Days fees or invoices have not been paid, we will consider your account abandoned, tally the totals, and pursue payment to the full extent of the law. 

If your account gets closed, you relinquish the right to any future Sara Michaels programs, services, courses, affiliate programs, or events until any / all previous fees have been paid.

Our team works hard to deliver 5-star service & we rely on prompt payments to run our business with efficiency and class.

Cheers 🥂