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Halftone Palm Trees
Halftone Palm Trees

What is the Cocreating Queens VIP Community?

 is a private monthly coaching & content community
dedicated to the Queen who's building her online empire:
She is a leader who has the Top 1% mentality. 

{creators, online entrepreneurs, influencers, & Network Marketers}

You will learn how to:
ATTRACT your ideal audience, cash customers & dream downline,
CREATE scroll-stopping content
AUTOMATE your business
& unlock more FREEDOM so you can LIVE your life. 


This includes access to my entire tech-tutorial vault and tutorials 
PLUS access to HD content and tips on how to
create eye catching content that will set you apart from everyone else in your industry.  

If you're a NWM Queen,
I want to teach you the top 1% tips and strategies that your upline isn't teaching . . 
about how to build a personal brand and business that
helps you stand out in a sea of cookie cutters, B/S and hype 
to build a real + authentic, soul-centered ✨ "f*ck yes!" abundant NWM biz
. . . that doesn't leave you tied to your phone 24/7

I want to teach you how to use your NWM biz as a vehicle 
to monetize your message, attract sales while you sleep
and have your dream downline seeking out you
instead of using any of the cringe tactics like "hey girl" messages, 
facebook parties 🤢  or stalking strangers in public. 

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Hey, my name is Sara. 

I got started in business nearly 10 years ago with a desire to simply create a little extra income each month while I was raising 2 kids under the age of 2. 

I went on to discover I had a natural knack for building online
and had finally found the place where I truly am able to shine

- Featured in Success from Home Magazine
- Listed as one of the Top 100 Recruiters (out of 60,000)
- Listed as one of the industrys' "Up & Coming Leaders"
- Set up my attraction system and generated 317 leads in 2 weeks 🤯 

. . . I built a global team & organization, attracted business owners
and learned alot! 

Since then I also was hired as the director of marketing 
for a top tourism bureau in our home state, 
founded my own marketing agency, 
and have had the privilege of working with Top 1% NWM leaders
as well as 6 & 7 figure business owners to help them build their business online.

Most recently I have come out of "retirement" & partnered with a NWM 
company and just in the first few weeks I got started:
- Landed an Elite Founders Position
- Consistently been a Top Recruiter month after month on our team

. . . and I did it all in a completely different way than what my upline was teaching. 

As I started to see success & through working with several top leaders (I'm talking the Top 1%)
I couldn't believe just how many of them were burnt out, 
hustling 24/7, having to skip out on events or being fully present 
because they were "on demand" for their NWM business 24/7 . . . 

I set out to build my business differently 🦄   
and took my experience building traditional businesses to apply it to my NWM biz.

- I Set up a (sustainable) Automated Biz Attraction System that 
Has Team Members & customers reaching out to work with me weekly
With many of them being people I never previously talked to
AND it's something my team can plug into ASAP!

It's my passion to teach others the strategies and learn to find joy & play in the creative process 
when they learn to show up authentically and fully as themselves 
as they build their own brand, create content, & monetize their message.

In addition, I will be teaching & sharing what I'm doing with my own team - with YOU!
This membership is like having me as your virtual coach / upline ✨ 

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What you can expect.

Fresh Content, Graphics & Promos 
 every single month.

Hundreds of HD pictures and
promo videos ready for your use

Business Resource Vault

Top Apps + Tech Tutorials
Website Creation Tips

Content Creation Tutorials
Social Influencer Trainings

Biz Systems
Attraction Marketing Top Tips

Biz Basics Mini Course

Lead Generation + List Building

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You will have                     

to thousands of dollars spent on graphics, promos, videos and trainings along with everything I've learned from countless hours of research and investing over $50K in courses & private mentors  

 full access

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The BASIC SUBSCRIPTION to the VIP community


or ANNUAL: $222 per year

This price WILL go up, so get locked in now! 
There is no commitment,


  • Access to Private Community (on Facebook)

  • Training, Tutorials & Resource Vault 

  • Weekly Q&A Session

  • 100's of Pre-made Digital Promos 

  • Thousands of Dollars of Graphics + Content

  • Top App Tips & Tutorials

    - Save over $100, FREE Website + 40% Affiliate Rate

Basic Benefits

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Monthly or Annual Subscription. 

Cancel at anytime. 
Due to the digital nature of the content
there are no refunds

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JtV (2).png

$555 annually

Elite Benefits


  • All Basic Benefits Listed Above PLUS: 

  • Access to Private Mastermind Sessions via Zoom
    (Elites Only) once a month

  • Text me your question for private coaching one day a month


  • more than 50% off membership!!! 



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Cancel at anytime. 
Due to the digital nature of the content
there are no refunds

Image by Kat Nelson
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Jennifer Asen

World-Renown Hair Expert,
Entrepreneur, & Course Creator
1:1 client

"Wow. I already feel so much from just this first session. I feel an energy! I feel all of these ideas! I feel like I have a clear path now. I have taken courses and worked with other coaches before Grace L----
and Jenn S------- . . . 
great coaches, 
but this has been a whole different experience. You have a gift! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!"

francine rivera.jpg

Francine Rivera

Business + Lifestyle Coach & Entrepreneur 
1:1 client

"If you're thinking about working with Sara Michaels, run! 
Don't walk
. Seriously. 

She knows her stuff. I worked with her 1:1 and we got right down to business" 

brittanie nicole.jpg

Brittanie Nicole

Influencer, Podcaster,

1:1 client

"Working with Sara is pure gold. Everything made so much more sense. I've been scaling my business and growing as a person, and having this coaching with Sara set off a lightbulb in my head. If you have your own business and you're looking to grow, hit up Sara. 
She is sooo brilliant and the amount of value that she brought into our first hour was worth thousands" 

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