Let's Talk

Hey! Sara here. I'm excited to share with you
one of the most impactful tools 
that I've been using in my natural
health & wellness toolbox: CBD. 

4 years ago, I was taking high quality supplements, doing all the "natural' things I could think to do. . . 
but still struggling with the effects of being diagnosed with several health things
& maxed out on prescription anti-anxiety pills. 

I knew something was missing . . . 
CBD was the missing piece to my health puzzle. 
Within 4 weeks, I was able to come off of all of 
my medications. 

Now I'm passionate about sharing

the brand I found & love!, 
after years of trying different CBD brands
and learning what to look for 
(and what to watch out for!) 

PS - I have a FREE Community where I share more about what I did to heal my body naturally
and there's a whole section dedicated to CBD!
It's called "Vibrant Health & Healing Naturally"



🌿  Full Spectrum and THC-Free Options

🌿  7 Flavors  (Natural, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Strawberry Guava, Watermelon Mint, Lemon Lime, & Orange Sunshine)

🌿  3 Strengths (500mg, 750mg, & 1500mg - my favorite!🦄 )

🌿  Sourced from an Organic Farm right here in Kentucky

🌿 US Hemp Seal of Authority and Certificate of Analysis (COA)
🌿 C02 Extraction = highest purity and potency oil

🌿 3rd Party Tested for Contaminants, Pesticides, & Heavy Metals

🌿 Affordable! Fraction of the cost of dispensaries or health stores
. . . and it ships right to your door!

🐶 - there's also 250mg Bacon 🥓 Flavored CBD Oil for Your Furry Friend!

Plus there is a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee . . . 
so you can try this brand of CBD risk free!

IN ADDITION, for those that are regular CBD users like me + our family,
(we go through 1-3 bottles a month between all of us!) there is a rewards program that allows me to earn money back towards Free Product each month when I order! 


Wondering what CBD could do for YOU and your health? 
Just go do a simple google search for CBD benefits! 
OR if you're currently struggling with a physical issue search:

__ YOUR ISSUE__ + CBD Benefits and see what pops up!!!!

EVERYONE should have CBD in their health & wellness toolkit!!!

Image by Chris Abney


🌀 CBD Tinctures starting at $69

🌀 CBD Gummies $69
🌀 CBD Coffee $69


Best Deal! Bundle & Save 
4 Pack Bundle for $199
(it's called a Director Pack)

Please note: you will be redirected to the 
company page I get mine through when you click the box! 

⚡️ TIP: Choose the "Full Spectrum" (black lid) bottle
in the strength you desire. 
for the most potent CBD and maximum benefits. 

I started at 1500mg for my severe symptoms 

DISCOUNT: Select the "preferred customer" option at checkout. 
Immediate discount & shipping. 
No commitment, fees, or additional obligations.

If you want to refer or share CBD with people
& get paid - choose the Affiliate option 
and you can also join my personal team
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