Single mom to Success from Home Magazine

creating the business (and life!) of my dreams.  

I started my own successful business & created 

multiple income streams that has given

me lifestyle + location freedom
& allows me to work from anywhere. 

I'm married to my soul mate,

we moved to my dream location of Destin, FL, 

we have the freedom to travel fulltime during

the summers, and
I have a team + clients & students from 

all over the world. 

My life now is lightyears away from where I used to be. . . 

We can look at where people now and 

it's easy to forget where they came from. 

Just a few years ago I was a single mom

on welfare, working 2 jobs,  with a fridge that only had 1 loaf of bread, half a gallon of milk,

& a bottle of ketchup.


Up until recently I never shared my story with anyone besides my husband and maybe 1 or 2 close friends. 

But even then

. . . I never told the whole story

I decided it was time and could think of no better place or person to share with than Lindsay Anderson of Kingdom Mom Podcast. 

If you want to get to know me, the real me. . . the me "behind the scenes"
& "behind the screens"
. . . click the link to listen to the episode of the podcast 
that Lindsay titled, "Rock Bottom to Life by Design" 

When you listen to the podcast you will probably know more about me
& my story than 98% of people on the earth. 

Thanks for being here, for listening, and for letting me share. 





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