Private 1:1 Coaching

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Ready to reclaim your throne, babe? 

This is for the boss babe or Co-Creating Queen who 
knows who she is and what she was designed to do 
and she's ready to reclaim her throne. 

My ideal client is a QUEEN 👑 , who's kinda boujee and kinda badass.
She breaks rules. She gets what she wants. 
She believes she can have it all. 
She deeply desires the impact, love, relationships, money, lifestyle, purpose,
fulfillment, influence, impact, freedom, the legacy


They feel called to more, to impact, to serve.

Money is not their main motivator, rather it's a natural production of getting their message and gifts out into the world. 

Their income is a direct reflection of their level of impact

They desire to help, serve, and feel massively in their flow when they are teaching in their core genius ✨ 

She is naturally ambitious and creative, a high-performance achiever. . . 
. . . she knows HOW to do the things and she knows WHAT to do . . . 
. . . but sometimes she might get stuck
. . . she might lack clarity or feel a thousand things or ideas spinning around
. . . so many things to go, do, be but can't quite figure out where to start. 
. . . or experiencing blocks to the next level whether its creative or energetic.
. . . or she often finds herself in a rollercoaster of vibing high and riding the positivity & creativity train until it crashes and she just wants to binge "Selling Sunset" on Netflix. 

She is constantly pouring into those around her often because she's a coach or someone in leadership position . . . her clients, her family, her friends, her kids . . . and she just needs someone to pour into her for a change. 

You were never designed to go this alone. 
I'm here to help you feel SUPPORTED AF and hold a high-vibe space
for you as you go to your Next Level.
Because you already know what to do, 
you just need someone to come alongside you

Maybe you're a coach, 
a course creator,
a female founder,

a freelancer

I will hold space for you in a high-vibe, energetic container called 🔥  "IGNITE" 🔥 
where, yes, miracles, breakthrough, and a contagious energy are present.
Things start to flow
Things come with fun, easy, joy, and abundance.
You'll experience confidence, clarity, and a new spark
You will have your fire get lit

So . . . if you are a confident, bad-ass boss babe and you know what you know,
but you need someone to pour into you for a change. 
- that's exactly what I'm here to do. 

🔥 Yes I will encourage you. 
🔥 Yes I will pour into you. 
🔥 Yes I will support you.

I will empower you, encourage you, brainstorm with you, listen to you, help you get  💎  clear on what it means to actually go to your next level, and instill confidence in your identity and ability. I'll be there for you to celebrate, bounce ideas off of, give you guidance, and pick you up if you had a downright sh*t day.

But I'm also going to hold you to your vision,
your desires, your dreams, and call you to the higher level
. . . which means not allowing excuses and keeping you in alignment with your desires. 
. . . however, I can't do the work for you. I hold space; not hands.

If you can bring the desire, 
I am simply the gasoline on your fire, babe. 


You must be a self-motivated, ambitious entrepreneur who doesn't make excuses. 
You have already hit that 6-figure mark
and have the foundational systems in place for your business
(this is not always necessary if you are an on-fire start-up 🔥 with a clear picture & process)

Our time together is a totally unique experience custom tailored for you
What you need. 

. . . beyond that . . . 
I also take a holistic approach to your success, fulfillment, and business. 
I know as a female entrepreneur there are many facets to your life and I'm here for them all. Life, biz, strategy, mental / physical / emotional healthm relationships, motherhood, self-expresson and fulfillment, self-nurturement, FUN.

. . . we will get it all.

I have also been gifted with the unique ability to see into people, 
to be given the perceptive ability and intuition to know and see their identity,
their highest destiny, 
who HE created you to be and who HE says you are. . . 
and I call this out

YOU ALREADY KNOW WHO YOU ARE and what you were designed to do . . . 
You just need someone there to remind you who TF you are.

You know that. 
You feel that. 

If you're desiring our work together in this high-vibe,
no B/S, #NextLevel container. . .  
that blends strategy and systems with intuition and ease. 

You believe in yourself.
You feel called to your next level. 
You want to make the investment into what that means.

WORKING WITH ME IS AN INVESTMENT and you must be energetically, emotionally, and financially ready, willing, and able in order for me to support and serve you in this space.

* Ready to do this?

Payment Options:
- 3 month Pay in Full Discount: $11,100
- 3 month Payment Plan Deposit: $3777
we will set up a recurring plan for the remaining 2 payments within 72 hours after receiving the initial deposit
- 1 month messenger coaching ONLY: $1,110
Does not include Zoom sessions or anything else


Ready to being NOW? Fill out the application below. 
Once payment and application are received,
your private coaching will be started within 72 business hours...


Private 1:1 Coaching Application


Are you ready, willing, and able to invest in yourself right now?
Select an item ($)

Congratulations, babe! 🥂 🍾 
You're IN. 
I will be contacting you within 24 hours
and my assistant will be setting you up with everything to begin our time together.

Image by Kat Nelson
jennifer asen.jpg

Jennifer Asen

World-Renown Hair Expert,
Entrepreneur, & Course Creator
1:1 client

"Wow. I already feel so much from just this first session. I feel an energy! I feel all of these ideas! I feel like I have a clear path now. I have taken courses and worked with other coaches before Grace L----
and Jenn S------- . . . 
great coaches, 
but this has been a whole different experience. You have a gift! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!"

francine rivera.jpg

Francine Rivera

Business + Lifestyle Coach & Entrepreneur 
1:1 client

"If you're thinking about working with Sara Michaels, run! 
Don't walk
. Seriously. 

She knows her stuff. I worked with her 1:1 and we got right down to business" 

brittanie nicole.jpg

Brittanie Nicole

Influencer, Podcaster,

1:1 client

"Working with Sara is pure gold. Everything made so much more sense. I've been scaling my business and growing as a person, and having this coaching with Sara set off a lightbulb in my head. If you have your own business and you're looking to grow, hit up Sara. 
She is sooo brilliant and the amount of value that she brought into our first hour was worth thousands" 

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Image by Kat Nelson
lauren moffat.jpg

Dr. Lauren Moffat

Holistic Health Practitioner,
Entrepreneur, & Coach
1:1 client and Inner Circle Member

"Sara has helped us Enhance, Expand, & Accelerate your Business Building Efforts. 
She eliminated all of the confusion and created a clear path to success."

Image by Kat Nelson
nicole johnson.jpg

Nicole Kristan

Hypno-Success Coach,
Course Creator, & Entrepreneur
1:1 client and Inner Circle Member

"Sara is a freaking rockstar of a coach and I would not be where I am today without her guidance and support. I was hesitant after having invested 5-figures into a previous coach that ended up being a terrible experience but this has been an entirely different experience and I have gained so much more"